Tour De Maccabi, bicycle race to bring Jewish cyclists to Poland, Slovakia and Hungary

August 18, 2022 BUDAPEST – Maccabi Europe is proud to announce the first ever Tour De Maccabi, bicycle race and bike adventure tour. The latest addition to the international Maccabi calendar will take place in August 2023. The 10-day Tour De Maccabi will start in Krakow, Poland on August 13, 2023 and will travel through Slovakia and Hungary, before coming to a roaring finish in front of Europe’s largest synagogue in Budapest.

“There has never been anything like this in Maccabi history,” said the director of the event Andrew G. Szabo, who is a Maccabi Europe medalist and avid long distance cyclist.

Cyclists will ride through regions rich in Jewish history in all three countries. Organizers are devoting ample time for cultural and sightseeing events at every stage. The tour begins with a somber commemoration in Auschwitz on August 12, 2023. The official race kicks off a day later in the romantic old city of Krakow. Riders will pedal through former shtetls and quaint Polish villages to Nowy Sacz and Bardejow. On day four riders have to tackle the Beskid mountains of Slovakia on three short but demanding days while visiting Jewish memorials, cemeteries and museums. Entry into Hungary is celebrated with Shabbat festivities in Mád and Bodrogkeresztur, both important locations of hassidic history. After three days on the Hungarian plains cyclists will reach the finish line in Budapest.

Tour De Maccabi, Jewish bicycle race and tour announced

No stranger to multi-country community adventures, Mr. Szabo, founder of the Budapest-Bamako Rally added, “we created a route that is both athletically challenging for the professional riders while visually stunning and culturally enriching for those who are seeking community adventure”.

The tour is open to participants from all countries and over 50 local Maccabi organizations have already expressed interest in sending riders. Pre-registration is currently open on-line at . “Our goal is to recreate the atmosphere of camaraderie and shared joy that has been a basic staple of every Maccabi event”, added Mr. Szabo.

The Tour De Maccabi also encourages teams and riders to raise funds to help save, restore and maintain neglected Jewish cemeteries along the Eastern European route. “Charity is the core element of the Tour De Maccabi. Preserving our history and paying  respects to our ancestors is a key mission. “, said Adam Jusztin, Maccabi Europe’s sports director.

Exact route

0August 13Auschwitz-Krakow0
1August 14Krakow-Nowy Sacz88 km
2August 15Nowy Sacz-Bardejov65 km
3August 16Bardejov-Presov40km
4August 17Presov-Kosice36 km
5August 18Kosice-Bodrogkeresztur89 km
6August 19Bordogkeresztur – Rest Day0 km
7August 20Bordogkeresztur-Mezokovesd100 km
8August 21Mezokovesd-Hatvan94 km
9August 22Hatvan-Budapest411 km